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Battlefield Hardline-CPY

Posted 13 Aug 2015 in PC GAMES, REQUEST ACCEPTED

Battlefield Hardline-CPY


Battlefield Hardline is the newest installment in the popular Battlefield franchise…



Battlefield Hardline is the newest installment in the popular Battlefield franchise. Battlefield Hardline runs on the Frostbite 3 engine and is unique in the Battlefield franchise because of the fact that the game is police themed, focusing on the continual war on crime, rather than the military setting of all previous Battlefield installments. i3D.net offers servers from 10 up to 70 slots in total, of which 64 are player slots, 2 are dedicated commander slots and 4 are spectator slots.

Title: Battlefield Hardline
Genre: Action, Shooter
Release Date: 20 March 2015
Rating: PEGI : 18+
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: Visceral Games

Notes: To change the language after the installation follow instructions into CPY.ini

 Crack Only-CPY { Download Download Download Download Download Download Download Download Download }

 Update V2.0 { Download | Download | Download | Download | Download | Download | Download | Torrent }

Update V2.0 + Crack Only for those who had the oldest version of the game (Digital Deluxe Edition).

 Battlefield.Hardline.Crackfix-CPY { Download Download Download Download Download Download | Torrent }

Crackfix Notes: – Sorry guys, we underestimated the Origin emulation, here you go the crackfix. If you want to make your saves compatible just follow the courtesy instructions we included. Enjoy

Battlefield Hardline-CPY
Size: 48 GB













UP07 [4GB]






Minimum System Requirements
• OS: Windows Vista SP2 64-bit (with KB971512 update)
• Processor: Athlon II/Phenom II 2.8 GHz, Intel Core I3/I5 2.4GHz
• Memory: 4 GB

Recommended System Requirements
• OS: Windows 8 64-bit (with KB971512 update)
• Processor: Intel Quad-Core CPU, AMD Six-Core CPU
• Memory: 8 GB RAM
• Graphics Card: AMD 290, Nvidia GTX760
• Graphics Memory: 3 GB
• Hard Drive: 60 GB
• DirectX: 11.0

Battlefield Hardline-CPY
-Burn or mount the image
-Install the game
-Copy the crack to your game dir
Posted by Skidrow


  1. ventu (13 Aug 2015, 10:10)

    thank youuuuuu torrent please jejeeee

  2. primeminister (13 Aug 2015, 10:12)

    how to install please its said need origin and error so how can i install it first?

  3. Cannibal Corpse (13 Aug 2015, 10:12)


  4. Camo001 (13 Aug 2015, 10:12)

    FINALLY!! Thank you CPY, SkidRow, RELOADED!!!

  5. Cannibal Corpse (13 Aug 2015, 10:12)

    I must be fucking dreaming…!

  6. BlackBeard_1718 (13 Aug 2015, 10:15)

    Wait, is this online or?

  7. LOL (13 Aug 2015, 10:15)

    Finally! I assume it’s cracked?
    Geee Thanks Guys! 😀

  8. yazan (13 Aug 2015, 10:16)

    finaly maaaan iam craying realy …….
    big thanks
    skidrow you roooooooock

  9. Cannibal Corpse (13 Aug 2015, 10:17)

    May the Pirate Ghosts bless you!Hails to the CPY!
    Horns up with godly nectars!

  10. up (13 Aug 2015, 10:17)

    Yes, nice work

  11. BRASILEIRO DOIDO (13 Aug 2015, 10:17)

    kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk SEGURA ESSA AI AQUI E BR PORRAAAAAAAA

  12. jubairezio (13 Aug 2015, 10:19)

    is this is cracked

  13. princefromegy (13 Aug 2015, 10:20)

    thanks cpy


  14. Mohanad (13 Aug 2015, 10:21)

    Nice ^_^

  15. Ghost (13 Aug 2015, 10:22)

    Holy Shit, CPY Next President

  16. Peyman (13 Aug 2015, 10:22)

    NICE 😛

  17. mohammed (13 Aug 2015, 10:22)

    thankssss CPY

  18. instin (13 Aug 2015, 10:23)

    No crack only ?

  19. GHOSTS (13 Aug 2015, 10:26)

    Skidrow And CPY always rockz!!!!!

  20. Iro (13 Aug 2015, 10:30)

    It’s very cool. I am looking forward to download!

  21. LOC (13 Aug 2015, 10:32)

    firt comment :v

  22. Xsjado (13 Aug 2015, 10:36)

    \o/ Hooray

  23. O.o (13 Aug 2015, 10:37)


  24. Murda809 (13 Aug 2015, 10:38)

    I have never been this happy 😀

  25. nitrokeo (13 Aug 2015, 10:38)

    This epic. Thanks bros.

  26. Ricky (13 Aug 2015, 10:39)

    I got it…

  27. Duurka (13 Aug 2015, 10:39)


  28. ali (13 Aug 2015, 10:40)

    finally cracked.thanks cpy

  29. faouzi2008 (13 Aug 2015, 10:40)

    thank you cpy

  30. LOC (13 Aug 2015, 10:41)

    đang chơi
    đánh giá game:
    game hay, đồ họa đẹp……………….HẾT

  31. Minyanarion (13 Aug 2015, 10:48)

    Finally 😀 First 😀

  32. Gamer (13 Aug 2015, 10:51)

    Wow wwwwwww.love you cpy

  33. tienanh (13 Aug 2015, 10:53)

    mutiplay ? yes or no.I am dowload pack 35G fist now copy crack on fodel game and play ?

  34. Elldo (13 Aug 2015, 10:56)

    crack only?

  35. rutibel (13 Aug 2015, 10:59)

    crack only please!!

  36. romy (13 Aug 2015, 11:00)

    crack only plz

  37. Hansmagz (13 Aug 2015, 11:01)

    WOW!~ CPY you are so cool guys 😀 Thanks

  38. abel (13 Aug 2015, 11:01)

    u guyz r great …. hands off to cpy team and skidrow…

  39. ulvi (13 Aug 2015, 11:10)

    CPY))) i LOVE YOU

  40. ssiwal (13 Aug 2015, 11:14)

    crack only for deluxe edition, please…

  41. Tondir (13 Aug 2015, 11:16)



  42. ali (13 Aug 2015, 11:25)

    tanks cpy and skidrow
    finally denuvo drm has been fuuuuuuuucked
    fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck you denuvo and fuck you ea

  43. Steven (13 Aug 2015, 11:26)

    CPY!!! you did it, what i can say: Thank so much!!!

  44. ino (13 Aug 2015, 11:28)

    plz do repack because its to big and dhe folder of 4gb its not ok because will crash

  45. THANGDL (13 Aug 2015, 11:33)

    CPY !!! you did it, what i can say: Thank so much!!!

  46. Tzahi_o (13 Aug 2015, 11:35)

    HOT GAME !

  47. Top Gun (13 Aug 2015, 11:36)


  48. ayman (13 Aug 2015, 11:39)

    plz upload crack only ?

  49. xinoxgamer (13 Aug 2015, 11:40)

    i love you CPY :) and i love you Skidrow for sharing the game with us !

  50. Vky (13 Aug 2015, 11:43)

    plz upload crack only

  51. bestb2011 (13 Aug 2015, 11:47)

    i have the game from origin..can i copy the crack to the game..will it works???

  52. jubairezio (13 Aug 2015, 12:01)

    why is the speed of torrent slow

  53. talha (13 Aug 2015, 12:01)

    crack only link ??

  54. Max (13 Aug 2015, 12:02)

    Thank you so much CPY. You have done what others couldn’t. God bless your team.

    And 1 question. Is this MP or SP only?

    I’m assuming is SP only.

  55. abdalaahmed (13 Aug 2015, 12:03)

    i have nothing to say
    thank you so much spy team and skidrow ur the best

  56. Jo (13 Aug 2015, 12:08)

    Upload The crack, please
    I can’t w8 to play
    many thanks …..

  57. PhantomGuy (13 Aug 2015, 12:12)

    How do we play with each other online guys?

    Are there any online communities to allow us to play these games online with other Special games etc??

  58. Teoiulian94 - Kyraya (13 Aug 2015, 12:19)

    Tell me the crack is working fine or il suicide miself:D

  59. Steven (13 Aug 2015, 12:21)

    GUys i dont think CRACK ONLY will work in OLD RELEASE (Deluxe ….)
    because this crack is for new update (PC, X1 & PS4 Game Update (Patch 2.0) Jul 28) i am not sure just about that…

    lets wait for UPDATE ONLY

    or re-download whole CPY game 48 gb

  60. Ali (13 Aug 2015, 12:24)

    Guys, you did a very good job!!
    Now let’s the fight start..!!

    Maaany thanks!!!

  61. MAMAD (13 Aug 2015, 12:25)

    OMG ! ty 😀 dastabala hamebaham dast dast !

  62. MR.legendary (13 Aug 2015, 12:36)

    i love cpy thank you

  63. THOR (13 Aug 2015, 12:38)

    Italians Do It Better! :)

  64. Gokan (13 Aug 2015, 12:44)

    OMQ very Very Thanks Skidrow CPY Reloaded Thanks…

  65. zicocabba (13 Aug 2015, 12:47)

    does it work for the Deluxe version 35 gb

  66. ingrid (13 Aug 2015, 12:55)

    Aww thanks you very much

  67. Alex (13 Aug 2015, 12:59)

    @Steven: ur right

    Crack not working with DELUXE EDITION, because CPY crack last Uplate as i told u before, u need to re-download whole game again (CPY) :)

  68. maurice (13 Aug 2015, 13:00)

    FINALLY !!! SWEET !!! keep up the good work Skid..

  69. GameInsta (13 Aug 2015, 13:08)

    “Crack Only” is not working with initial release (Deluxe Edition). Any idea?

  70. mahdi238 (13 Aug 2015, 13:22)

    YES Thanks skidrow Thanks CPY Now Plz crack The crew plzzzz

  71. mohamed mamdouh (13 Aug 2015, 13:23)

    if we have the battlefield hardline deluxe edition 35.8 gb,can we use this torrent????

  72. kevin (13 Aug 2015, 13:39)

    download 48GB , 1mo/s ………

  73. BRASIL-Fabio (13 Aug 2015, 13:47)

    Estava contando as horas amigos BR add na Steam fabiobin1

  74. Alex (13 Aug 2015, 13:55)


    battlefield hardline deluxe edition WILL NOT WORK WITH CRACK ONLY


    its hard to find UPDATE 2.0 ONLY because Origin update game auto for legal players

    so we need to re-download whole CPY game :)

  75. Majki (13 Aug 2015, 13:58)

    O_O OMFG!!! AVESOME, big thx CPY and SKIDROW 4 upload :-)

  76. roka (13 Aug 2015, 14:06)

    seeeeeeeeeeeeeed plzzzzzzzzzzzz

  77. Lucifer (13 Aug 2015, 14:11)

    i have delux edition but the crack is not working in it plz help

  78. Teoiulian94 - Kyraya (13 Aug 2015, 14:15)

    lol i didnt downloaded the game without crack because i know without crack and after a week release the game with crack is a big diff so wtf. anyway is at 17% and 6-8 more hours till will finish download pff not to mention how much il wait if i need to use winrar :((

  79. Teoiulian94 - Kyraya (13 Aug 2015, 14:17)

    Well i never expected you guys will release this game and it look like is a bad ass this game till some1 will manage to full finish it 😀
    Well big thanks skidrow .

  80. Yehezkiel (13 Aug 2015, 14:22)

    Not running on Windows 10 after coppying bfh.exe crack ??

  81. ammar gamal (13 Aug 2015, 14:28)

    CPY you rock

  82. Aprian (13 Aug 2015, 14:29)

    thank you CPY..:)

  83. Alex (13 Aug 2015, 14:38)




  84. talha (13 Aug 2015, 14:41)

    thanks for update V2.0 + crack…. :) Good luck

  85. wohoo (13 Aug 2015, 14:45)

    Wohoo thank you, update is coming we dont need to download again!

  86. Arash (13 Aug 2015, 15:01)

    Suck it EA games 😀

  87. cryWolf (13 Aug 2015, 15:07)

    guy i think the DELUXE EDITION doesn’t recognize CPY crack ….
    it’s 100% NOT WORKING.
    please i need help i can’t download the CPY version it will take me forever
    with this speed that i have…………n goddamn it’s f***ing 48 Gb
    BATMAN took me 5 straight day, and in the end found full with lags….
    i don’t want to fall in the same hole again
    anyway…..GOOOD JOB “CPY” you really make it happen ^_^

  88. Alex (13 Aug 2015, 15:16)

    @CryWolf: download UPDATE V2.0 + CPY CRACK ONLY
    should DELUXE EDITON work with update v2.0 😀

  89. ingrid (13 Aug 2015, 15:17)


  90. Solex (13 Aug 2015, 15:17)

    @Alex i agree with u

    This is a CUMULATIVE UPDATE + CPY CRACK…. Use this to patch your unlocked BF: Hardline game instead of redownloading 40+GB

  91. mahdi ghane (13 Aug 2015, 15:23)

    Oh my god !!!

  92. moliv (13 Aug 2015, 15:29)

    The update patch 2.0 is already available at torrents…

  93. cryWolf (13 Aug 2015, 15:31)

    i’ll give it a try THX…….

  94. yoav (13 Aug 2015, 15:34)

    good work!!!!!!!!!!!!

  95. Eminem (13 Aug 2015, 15:37)

    DELUXE EDITION (FULL UNLOCKED) + Battlefield.Hardline.v2.0.Update.and.Crack CPY= CPY release
    Thanks for the game CPY and for the updates v2 guys

  96. DJserver (13 Aug 2015, 15:37)


  97. Sbramone (13 Aug 2015, 15:43)

    CPY: an “ITALIAN TEAM”!!!!!!!!!!!


  98. XEMA (13 Aug 2015, 16:06)

    crack only pls???

  99. Eminem (13 Aug 2015, 16:16)

    i tested


    & it work


    thanks cpy & skidrow reloaded

  100. CGI (13 Aug 2015, 16:18)

    OMG , CPY your are the best thank u

  101. ElectricZoneX (13 Aug 2015, 16:44)


  102. Scout9 (13 Aug 2015, 16:45)

    Download is so slow..

  103. samanosky (13 Aug 2015, 16:56)

    i have the reloaded version it is 35 GB did the crack+update v2 work with this version or i need to download this game please answer

  104. Axonymous (13 Aug 2015, 17:15)

    Tears in my eyes 😉

  105. dilip ram (13 Aug 2015, 17:17)

    i have the reloaded digital deluxe version, now downloading the update 2 and crack, one doubt -the digital delux vrsn is 36gb the update is just 1.3gb but the cpy versn is 48gb am i missing something, will this work

  106. Nico (13 Aug 2015, 17:19)

    Hi all

    I have a problem when the play start, he crash at 10s with a chinese’s message error…

    config : deluxe edition + V2.0 + CPY crack

  107. Dexter (13 Aug 2015, 17:26)

    Thanks Guys…

  108. McDreamy (13 Aug 2015, 17:35)

    Yeah baby!!!!!!!!

  109. John (13 Aug 2015, 17:38)

    I cant play after using crack and update v2.0. It appears a notification by Chinese and then my game is closed. I try to use crack many times but it is not working

  110. Stephen Bell (13 Aug 2015, 17:47)

    This game won’t take too long to complete, so it won’t hamper my more urgent work
    If you catch my drift #TheProgram

  111. D13 (13 Aug 2015, 17:52)

    Amazing! THX Guyz!!

  112. ramiroquai78 (13 Aug 2015, 18:01)

    Thank you so much!!! great job as always!

  113. VIKAS (13 Aug 2015, 18:09)


  114. iFiNNNoX (13 Aug 2015, 18:13)

    YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! Thank’s Skidrow!

  115. BRASIL ZUEIRO (13 Aug 2015, 18:22)


  116. charan (13 Aug 2015, 18:54)

    delux edition + update2.0 not working

  117. Eminem (13 Aug 2015, 19:00)

    @charan: because u use crack inclu in UPDATE V2.0 Folder. u need download CRACK ONLY links are up

    u Need Copy Update v2.0 and download CRACK ONLY

    exactly => http://www41.zippyshare.com/v/5E8aBbql/file.html

  118. charan (13 Aug 2015, 19:11)

    tell me exactly what u did?

  119. charan (13 Aug 2015, 19:14)

    thanks in advance bro:)

  120. Eminem (13 Aug 2015, 19:14)

    1- download Update v2.0 (dont copy crack incl in this update u will find 2 folder in rar file: one called “UPDATE” second one “CRACK”; ignore crack folder copy just update file in ur game location & accepte relace
    2- download crack only-cpy
    3- unrar crack only cpy
    4- copy crack files in ur games
    5- run “bfh.exe”
    6- Enjooooy 😀

  121. charan (13 Aug 2015, 19:20)

    ya there are two zip files in update each one has a update file

  122. cryWolf (13 Aug 2015, 19:23)

    guys i got this annoying origin window pop up every time
    i try to launch the game………
    what to do…….PLEASE HELP…….ASAP

  123. Anonymous (13 Aug 2015, 19:25)

    Do u have Crack Only?????

  124. Eminem (13 Aug 2015, 19:26)

    Guys any one got CHINESE msg error crash
    that because u use crack incl in Update rar

    dont do that

    download crack only and should work

  125. charan (13 Aug 2015, 19:27)

    ok i got it

  126. jsh (13 Aug 2015, 19:27)

    its really work,thx skidrow you’re amazing

  127. charan (13 Aug 2015, 19:30)

    it is showing a dalog box in chinese

  128. Eminem (13 Aug 2015, 19:32)

    guys are u fucking noobs,

    there is links for Update & Links for crack only
    download any link from Update & any linkk from crack only

    the prb only is: when u unrar UPDATE 2.1 u will got 2 folder:

    folder1: Update1 & Folder2: Crack (i speak now just about UPDATE V2.0 because there is crack inlc in rar file)

    second copy evertying from folder1 to ur game and accepte replace

    third dont user folder 2(crack) ignore it or remove this folder2

    now go up in post and download Crack Only
    unrar crack only & copy crack files to ur game and play

    this will fix CRASH CHINESE ERROR

  129. charan (13 Aug 2015, 19:32)

    got it thnx

  130. cryWolf (13 Aug 2015, 20:11)

    this is realy working…………..
    thx for help…..
    amazing game by the way..
    the details of graphism are so F***ing breath taking
    am gona play the game all night long……
    ****another thing: hope you can fix BATMAN lag****
    good job guys……….
    n THX for CPY and 3DM

  131. dilip ram (13 Aug 2015, 21:58)

    happens if u got original reloaded edition, copy only the update and use the separate crack

  132. yolo (13 Aug 2015, 22:01)


  133. japjap (13 Aug 2015, 22:19)

    Wooooooooooot thank guys

  134. aRREST- (13 Aug 2015, 22:30)

    Ohhhhhh Thanks Finally <3 😀

  135. lag420 (13 Aug 2015, 22:46)

    Good Job guys! thanks a lot!!!

  136. Guilherme (13 Aug 2015, 22:54)

    Guys, i was waiting this for 2 months, now i downloded the crack only for my deluxe edition of 35GB but when i click on bfh.exe nothing happens, does not open anything! is there anything worng ive done? just copied in game paste and opened it..
    please some help.;

  137. Paolo (13 Aug 2015, 22:58)

    It is a miracle.
    CPY are Da BoSS!!

  138. Nico (13 Aug 2015, 23:16)

    I’m french and i don’t understand how to change text language. Somobody can explain (tell me) how to do? Sorry for my english.

  139. ashrafbk (13 Aug 2015, 23:47)

    thanks a lot

  140. dilip ram (14 Aug 2015, 1:05)

    nvidia optimus laptop users may have freeze n crash requiring hard reboot, to fix it either dont turn vsync on , or if u want to avoid screen tearing run in borderless mode, my gtx 860m got screwed by this bug atlast got the fix

  141. dilip ram (14 Aug 2015, 1:07)

    ea got fucked in the ass, hope other publishers wont add this denuvo crap to their AAA titles

  142. dilip ram (14 Aug 2015, 1:09)

    hope ubisofts crew would be cracked Ubisofts cleverly adding online mandatory for even single player campaigns too like the crew ,upcoming the division, ghost recon, hope cpy or 3dm will find a way

  143. Sterx (14 Aug 2015, 1:11)

    Guys i will Writ Fix for prb in DELUXE EDITION pls just read careful

    1- Download Update V2.00
    2- Unrar Update V2.00
    3- U will Get 2 Folder => 1 Folder (Update) ////// 2 Folder (Crack)
    4- We Dont Neeed 2 Folder (Crack) just Remove it or Ignore it
    5- Copy All Files From 1 Folder (Update) To Ur Game Location & Accepte Replace
    6- Now Go Download Crack Only-Cpu (Link up)
    7- COpy Crack To Ur Game Location & Accepte Repalce
    8- Open “bfh.exe”
    9- Enjooooooooooooooooooooy

  144. e (14 Aug 2015, 1:54)

    big thank you to CPY & Skidrowreloaded this might be the best battlefield so far in my opinion

  145. G0NZa (14 Aug 2015, 1:54)

    does not open, I click bfh.exe and start to load something but then dies… i have the digital deluxe version…

  146. vishasness (14 Aug 2015, 1:54)

    Greets massive. Can anyone tell me how to apply Update 2.0? I have this CPY version. Thanks

  147. Guilherme (14 Aug 2015, 2:17)

    Its working!!!! thank you guys 😀

  148. cpy4life (14 Aug 2015, 2:40)

    are you fking serious i dont belive this you guys are awesome!!!!
    waiting for your next piece i hope its ACU.

  149. Matheus (14 Aug 2015, 3:18)

    Alguém tem a dublagem ai p postar?

  150. amir (14 Aug 2015, 4:23)

    tnx CPY

  151. Anuj Kaushik (14 Aug 2015, 4:47)

    i only need the crack
    where can i get it?

  152. Anuj Kaushik (14 Aug 2015, 5:44)

    I copied the crack to game folder.
    But when i click on bfh.exe, nothing happens….

  153. Gangs (14 Aug 2015, 6:04)

    Sometimes links does not appear, refresh the page and it work!

  154. Matcom (14 Aug 2015, 7:54)

    Nico, je n’ai pas encore regardé, mais si c’est comme les autres jeux, il faut que tu ouvres le fichier CPY dans le dossier d’installation (après avoir appliqué le crack) et tu remplace “english” par “french”

  155. Nexus (14 Aug 2015, 8:04)

    Thanks but im not downloading 50gb just for Single player :)

  156. Vky Chauhan (14 Aug 2015, 8:10)

    I Have the old deluxe edition. and the crack you have provided is not working . game starts and says battlefield stops responding. Please Help

  157. kevin (14 Aug 2015, 8:18)

    j’ai essayé malcom , sa ne fonctionne pas sous une autre langue que l’anglais
    si tu change la langue tu crash , et je n’ai pas vue de patch FR , si quelqu’un a des infios je suis
    preneur !

  158. kevin (14 Aug 2015, 8:42)

    a mon avis il nous manque le fichier :
    es_FR_eula.rtf et es_FR_eula.txt dans le dossier SUPPORT

  159. death9999 (14 Aug 2015, 8:46)

    hail cpy

  160. Elitespa (14 Aug 2015, 8:53)

    Installed, working…but crashing all the time in several parts of the game, getting directx errors…. someone having the same issues? Thanks Conspiracy for this release, and this site for supporting torrents, remember this site has nothing to do with skidrow or reloaded, this people only posting torrents and links.

  161. BFH (14 Aug 2015, 9:20)

    Hi can you plz upload seperate links for BFH crack v2 only, thanx in advance…

  162. kevin (14 Aug 2015, 9:23)

    Battlefield Hardline-Digital Deluxe Edition\Data\Win32\Loc

    langage FR please ?

  163. Gamer_Dude94 (14 Aug 2015, 9:50)

    I love you guys! XD

  164. RAHEEL (14 Aug 2015, 9:54)

    Gud work CPY! .Now plz give us THE CREW game.

  165. Iro (14 Aug 2015, 9:58)

    Hello, I made all the manipulations you said but it does not work anyway. Help me !

  166. paolo (14 Aug 2015, 10:10)

    come mai non riesco a mettere la lingua in italiano su cpy

  167. paolo (14 Aug 2015, 10:26)

    come mai ogni volta che sul file cpy vado ha cambiare la lingua italiano mi da questo errore “l’accaunt origin attualmente collegato non ha accesso al linguaggio installato per questo gioco”

  168. paolo (14 Aug 2015, 10:35)

    how come every time i try to change the language file cpy “italian” me error

    The account currently logget origin have no access to the language installed for this game

  169. Dead_69 (14 Aug 2015, 10:41)

    Only Italians could cracked this game …

  170. Romaric (14 Aug 2015, 11:09)

    CPY you are so good! I almost bought it in the week, THANKS GUYS

  171. Doctor (14 Aug 2015, 11:28)

    When i start the game i have black screen and nothing is happening. Help somebody :< ?

  172. sunny (14 Aug 2015, 11:31)

    thanks youuuuuuuuuu

  173. ali (14 Aug 2015, 12:24)

    hi, I am sure that they had 3dm assist to crack this game, when you get a cd key it depends on your system traits and data games are encrypted.this lock is not the normal locks used on other games,you can not find the password by some for loops and also using asp.this is realy different.
    and finally thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank you 3dm and cpy.

  174. e (14 Aug 2015, 12:33)

    lmao it works fine for me to all those who it does not work for there are multiple comments that explain what to do to get it working…

  175. MadeMyDay (14 Aug 2015, 12:52)

    In episode 8 where u get locked away, the guard clitches thru the wall and I cant continue. Just running around the cell and nothing happens. Help

  176. ola (14 Aug 2015, 13:03)


  177. Timobeil (14 Aug 2015, 14:00)

    When you have the Deluxe Version, you have to download the Update 2.0 before cracking the Game. You can get Update 2.0 and the Crack only from this Site.

  178. CHICKEN (14 Aug 2015, 14:01)


    CHEERS 😀

  179. Majki (14 Aug 2015, 14:33)

    Good download 2h and finish :-) everything perfect work. I play since yesterday and I had no errors.
    Thx again guys 4 torrent 😉

  180. Vinceus (14 Aug 2015, 14:46)

    ALL HAIL SKIDROW, RELOADED, MULTI7, BLACKBOX, RAZOR, CPY and ALL THE CRACKERS!!!!!!!! support you forever!!!!!

  181. Alex (14 Aug 2015, 14:48)

    Please Now HACK -The Crew – racing online game Game)

  182. MR.legendary (14 Aug 2015, 14:50)

    nice cpy pls crack dragon age 3

  183. DreBErg (14 Aug 2015, 15:45)

    Thank you, so far its been working beautifully, right now it got stuck at ep.8, sovereign land, when nick and marcus boone get jailed, and have to escape. How do i fix this??, i mean i can move and all that, but the environment or people around aren’t responding, just me moving.PLEASE……….HOW DO I FIX THIS??……..and thank you again

  184. DARKwater (14 Aug 2015, 15:49)

    hell yeah!!!!! tank you CPY
    u just cracking every drm protected game
    u roooooooooooock!!!!

  185. ss_type (14 Aug 2015, 15:52)

    how to play online someone help me please ??????

  186. paolo (14 Aug 2015, 16:24)

    help me language pack

  187. Tomek (14 Aug 2015, 16:53)

    kiepsko z sedami 80 % 2 dzień pobierania i chujowo to idzie wczoraj ponad połowe aa dzisiaj ledwo 4 %

  188. xXx (14 Aug 2015, 17:38)

    there seems to be an issue with episode 7:

    I played to campaign until episode 7, where in the beginning you get locked in a cell with boomer but nothing happens then.

    boomer is supposed to give you a key, but he is just standing there doing nothing.
    therefore you cant progress the story…….

  189. donzz (14 Aug 2015, 17:39)

    there is a bug in ep 8 when nick and boomer are thrown into a jail,the guy just enter through the door inside without opening and start shooting nick and diet eventually,can move farther from there,….any fix please help….

  190. niceguy34 (14 Aug 2015, 17:40)

    cant progress the story in episode 8!

    when you get thrown in the cell, nothing happens.
    then the guard glitches through the door and kills you…

    help :(

  191. Xmok (14 Aug 2015, 17:42)

    Thaaaaaaanks alot <3 <3 CPY u are the best forever
    i download it yesterday
    and i finished the game now

    great story <3

  192. bravolupin (14 Aug 2015, 17:45)

    bug in episode 8
    i get in the cell with boomer then nothing happens and a guard goes through door and kills you

  193. Lex (14 Aug 2015, 18:02)

    Game dont load :(

  194. Ryan (14 Aug 2015, 18:06)

    No online!? Waited all this time just for a cracked version of a shit story with no good physics. GREAT.

  195. Boss99 (14 Aug 2015, 18:07)

    need fix ep 8 boomer not open the cell door and guard kill me always

  196. fatman (14 Aug 2015, 18:08)


    cant progress in episode 8!

    when boomer is thrown in the cell with you he’s supposed to give you the key for the handcuffs, but he doesnt! nothing happens!

    help pls…

  197. Someone (14 Aug 2015, 18:14)

    Thank you for the share.

    Does someone know where we can found languages files like french ?
    Thank you.

  198. Darkiger (14 Aug 2015, 19:48)

    I am blocked at episode 8. When Boomer enters the jail, he is bugged and he doesn’t unlock the door. Does anyone have the same bug ?

  199. Sterx (14 Aug 2015, 19:49)

    I finished game without any prb

    i have question for who get crash

    do u have old deluxe + update + crack

    u re-download whole 49 GB one ?

  200. HKZHJB (14 Aug 2015, 19:55)


    I have the same problem as the others in ep. 8. With the guard killing me in the cell and stuff.

    I downloaded the new 49 GB one (so not the deluxe).

  201. Sterx (14 Aug 2015, 20:57)

    GUYS wait wait wait read this

    that infamous episode 8, that forze my friend’s PS4 everytime he tried to load that chapter, also infinite loading on chapter 8 on xbone and ps4 at launch, don’t know they fixed them or not because the whole episode was a bugfest. hope we get some fix/crackfix or mid chapter 8 save or something.

  202. teoiulian94 - kyraya (14 Aug 2015, 21:53)

    Okay the game work perfect no problems so far but i dont get it , in episode 5 i saw the fucking gameplay the cops dont spot you but for me they spot me and go after me wtf is like hunt the bear….

  203. Roger Sebert (14 Aug 2015, 21:59)

    Haven’t tried the game yet as I just downloaded the entire new game. You just said you finished the game with no problems….are you saying something different now, or did you originally have the deluxe version.

  204. Anon (14 Aug 2015, 22:05)

    Stuck also to the cell in chapter 8.

    After consulting the internet it does appear that that chapter was a bug fest many people were stuck on console version (at the start and at the end), so it might not be crack related, or it’s possible the crack awoke a previously poorly fixed issue.

  205. teoiulian94 - kyraya (14 Aug 2015, 22:18)

    the game is fucked broken at episode 5 , they spot me when i start that episode and i dont know what the fuck i should do.. update and others i did and wtf.
    If some1 have same problem and some1 know how to fuck i should fix it please tell me, is quite boring the run from them …

  206. bayer77 (14 Aug 2015, 22:26)

    como se pone en español. grasias

  207. srg (14 Aug 2015, 22:59)

    got a slight prob. when you get to the trailer park with the yokels and get locked up. the game craps out and the guard walks “through a closed door” and starts shooting if you make noise. or you can get him to freeze take his gun and the door is still locked.

  208. Ferhat (14 Aug 2015, 23:19)


  209. srg (15 Aug 2015, 0:26)

    re-installed, from what i can tell, there is supposed to be a cut scene from when boomer gets thrown into the cell and you getting out. but craps out. and doesnt go any futher.

  210. neato (15 Aug 2015, 2:10)

    where is the setup file?

  211. Lopes (15 Aug 2015, 4:29)

    Bug Epsode 8 soon after they are taken to the room, fix this please I really want to finish the story mode, thanks.

  212. dr0ugw0lf (15 Aug 2015, 4:33)

    Thanks skidrow you are really awsome. its worked for me. again thanks.

  213. David Lopes (15 Aug 2015, 4:44)

    Problem epsode 8

  214. admin (panter) (15 Aug 2015, 6:04)

    multileech.net premium link yes

  215. Darkiger (15 Aug 2015, 8:18)

    Happy to see that many people are stuck in the cell at episode 8 … but sad to be stuck :-/

  216. Reinhart (15 Aug 2015, 8:20)

    Very awesome work CPY, Skidrow, Reloaded. But Episode 8 jail bug plase FIX…
    I’m stuck in that jail part and really want to finish the story mode…

  217. Pikanto (15 Aug 2015, 8:37)



    Save location – Documents/BFH

  218. Yuriko (15 Aug 2015, 8:40)

    Sovereign Land – Campaign Mission in the cell with after Boomer falls on ground cutscene is ending and he’s statnding without opening the the doors also when I move the guard rush thrugh the doors and starts shooting any fix for that?

  219. admin (panter) (15 Aug 2015, 8:50)

    http://multileech.net/ Your links will be premium

  220. Biagg (15 Aug 2015, 9:10)

    IS THis the real life? or is this just fantasy? FUCK YEAH

  221. tbid (15 Aug 2015, 9:11)

    there is a bug cant get out prision need to fix cant continue story mod

  222. Pikanto (15 Aug 2015, 9:25)




    Save location – Documents/BFH

  223. Alexia (15 Aug 2015, 9:44)

    Thaaaaanks a Lot RELOADEEEEEED <3 <3 i love u
    game work fine for me with new addon without any prb
    i am using windows 7

  224. Narko (15 Aug 2015, 9:45)

    Thanks Pikanto but you’re just nivel 12 and you play cadet haha

  225. Schjmudt (15 Aug 2015, 9:45)

    Thx for the savegame Pikanto i was stuck at the cell part for a long time!

  226. tirot (15 Aug 2015, 10:12)

    The game prologue wont load :( infinite loading screen ¿help?

  227. screwedjuan (15 Aug 2015, 10:40)


  228. Reinhart (15 Aug 2015, 10:48)

    Actually for who stucked with the chinese problem, you can use the crack from the update v2.0. You just have to edit the language in the cpy.ini from chinese to english as in the instructions above. Chill out.. Stop saying people are noobs…
    By th way the Vsync freeze the game everytime it turned on (It’s a bug from EA). The screen tearing is really suck..
    And thanks for the save pikanto.. It got me out from that f’in stupid moment hahaha

  229. aRREST- (15 Aug 2015, 11:06)

    Guys for who say the game is not working nope it’s worked 100%

  230. bynagato (15 Aug 2015, 11:32)

    why i have this errore le compte origine actuellement connecte n’a pas accé a la langue installée pour ce jeu Please help i tested all langue but the same problem any help ?

  231. bynagato (15 Aug 2015, 11:34)

    i have the version deluxe edition

  232. sunny (15 Aug 2015, 11:39)

    How to install as i have BF digital deluxe Edition
    I install the update and crack but when i start the game nothing happens
    but BFH.exe is running in task manager
    Please help me

  233. teoiulian94 - kyraya (15 Aug 2015, 11:53)

    well ep 5 that is bugged and ep 8 to so if u cant finish story mode easy download the save file from a site and you can play ep 9 cuz i aint wait 1-2 hours for uninstall and install.

  234. mc hartle (15 Aug 2015, 12:29)

    does this install origin as well?

  235. drduke (15 Aug 2015, 12:50)

    Don’t know what I did wrong but anyone know how to install this in English instead of Chinese or know how to change language?????

  236. YouOnlyBOSS (15 Aug 2015, 12:50)

    HEY, I can’t get into the game after the installation of Pikanto’ s save game. Can you put the same savegames but at a lower resolution in game settings? (ex: 720p or 480p)

  237. Mr. President (15 Aug 2015, 12:54)

    How to change the text language to german?
    With the CPY it does not work.
    It may be that I have done something wrong.
    Can you please configure CPY for german and show for me???

    So I did it and it does not work:

    #With this parameter empty the game will choose the text language from the registry (aka, as you chose to install it)
    #to force the text language just put the correct value
    #to force the audio in another language, just choose it from the game options (if available)
    #ru_RU ;Russian
    #ko_KR ;Korean
    #fr_FR ;French
    #pt_BR ;Portuguese
    #zh_TW ;Chinese
    #it_IT ;Italian
    #cs_CZ ;Czech
    #ja_JP ;Japanese
    #en_US ;English
    de_DE ;German
    #pl_PL ;Polish
    #es_ES ;Spanish

  238. John (15 Aug 2015, 13:35)

    Playing deluxe edition. Installed update V2 and CPY crack. Problem is that when I close the game and run it again it reverts back to the default video settings and starts the campaign from the start. Any ideas?

  239. musis (15 Aug 2015, 13:51)

    using deluxe, need origin after update n crack.. why?

  240. Shahab (15 Aug 2015, 14:05)

    oh my god , oh my god, i`m dreaming
    THANKS CPY. Thanks a lot.

  241. Nimesh (15 Aug 2015, 14:26)

    Any fix for the sovereign lands prison cell bug? ??????

  242. Nimesh (15 Aug 2015, 14:27)

    Episode 8 error

    Any fix for the sovereign lands prison cell bug?

  243. richard (15 Aug 2015, 14:59)

    guys can someone post the save link other than zippyshare pls.

  244. richard (15 Aug 2015, 15:09)

    pikanto can u post your save file on some other hosts. Cuz it’s not working on zippyshare. Thanx in advance.

  245. richard (15 Aug 2015, 15:21)

    cheers pikanto, you are a life saver. Now I can finally finish this game. really appreciate this.

  246. teydi (15 Aug 2015, 16:56)

    as pointed by @srg I’m having the same issue…to be precise it’s “episode 8 sovereign land” and from that point you can advance since the guard is walking throw the closed door and starts shooting at you …killing you…without letting you do anything

  247. Stefan (15 Aug 2015, 16:59)

    Thank you Thank You Thank YOu :) 😉 , and Fuck off to all them who gave mouth earlier….The one who waits for something good never waits to long -Remember that- for future releases people.

  248. IVS (15 Aug 2015, 17:33)

    OMG OMG OMG the Crack is OUT

  249. richard (15 Aug 2015, 17:44)

    thanx to Pikanto I’ve finished the game atlast.

  250. Alin (15 Aug 2015, 17:56)

    Any fix for the Ep 8 Cell ??????

  251. Anon (15 Aug 2015, 17:59)

    thanks Pikanto

  252. Robert (15 Aug 2015, 18:03)

    same issue here. stuck in the jail with boomer in chapter 8. The whole cutscene is not playing. For that we are being stucked in non-gaming world. how to fix this? can anyone kindly help me to solve this?

  253. Stefan (15 Aug 2015, 18:53)

    Did update and crack to the old deluxe game -Do Not Work at my end- Please confirm if others have this problem too…..Then we need a fix please…….(The thing that is happening is that something in Japanese or chinese is poping up and you have to click ok two times then the loading screen pop up and then it say it do not work and microsoft scan for problem and then it shut down)

  254. stefan (15 Aug 2015, 19:05)

    solved the problem…..After the update and install download the crack only and copy it to your game directory…..voila it now works :)…….Thank you again.

  255. dr0ugw0lf (15 Aug 2015, 19:16)

    Yeah same issue here for me at episode 8. Skidrow please help. Thanks in advance.

  256. The_N (15 Aug 2015, 20:33)

    Do what ‘stefan’ did in his post

    Note: For those of you who have the Digital Deluxe Edition

    This is how I fixed mine, Thank you stefan!!!

    1. Have downloaded Battlefield Hardline: Digital Deluxe Edition
    2. Copy over the entire contents of the Update folder from the ‘3DMGAME-Battlefield.Hardline.v2.0.Update.and.Crack-3DM’ rar torrent.
    3. *DO THIS STEP BEFORE YOU CRACK THE GAME ( it worked for me )*
    Do no crack the game yet, instead run the bfh.exe, and Origin should pop up, prompting you to update the launcher. Do this and make an exception for the game for your firewall. After everything is updated, Origin should pop up again with a login field, asking you to login.
    Close this window.
    4. Download the crack from the top of this page again, but this time make sure you download ‘Crack Only-CPY’ (I used the last download link, then used the zippyshare mirror)
    5. Unrar cpy-bfh.cr.only, and copy its entire contents into the root directory of your Battlefield Hardline folder.
    6. Now run the game, and no asian text boxes should prompt you at all!

  257. The_N (15 Aug 2015, 20:49)

    This game really is something. Thanks for all the hard work you guys have done at team skidrowreloaded. Also a thank you to CPY for his crack ! I hope by the end of tonight we are all playing this ! 😀

  258. anonim (15 Aug 2015, 21:44)

    Battlefield Hardline on ep.8 boomer dosnt open the door, also no movie like on youtube opening the door… so ….dosnt work

  259. Tigax (15 Aug 2015, 21:55)

    Guys I need someone to help me about that episode 8 bug , cause i dont have any settings folder to copy to my game directory like pikanto said , and i cant ether save the game while in the cell , so help me if u can :c

  260. WHAT (15 Aug 2015, 22:28)

    I have bug in 8. episode, am stuck in prison . Some guard get through the door and soot me when am moving. Any solution?? PLS HELP!

  261. TechGuy (15 Aug 2015, 22:59)

    My guess for solving the whole episode 8 jail bug would be to modify your saves “meta” xml file and changing the start point to “Underground_Bunker_Middle” so your just past where the glitch happens.

    In the file it would look like this


    I have the same problem but I don’t have time to test this. But this will probably work just make a backup to be safe.

  262. The_N (15 Aug 2015, 23:25)

    I’m not to Ep 8 yet, but once I get there, I hope to find a way around, maybe I will get lucky O.O
    I wonder if anyone who bought the game can get past it?

  263. Roger Sebert (15 Aug 2015, 23:48)

    Downloaded CPY version, copied over 2.0 update and then crack and game crashes in the middle of the first episode. Also, load times are horrendous. This doesn’t seem like a stable fix.

  264. supermassive777 (16 Aug 2015, 0:05)

    Tanks a lot for your great job to the comunity…greets from portugal

  265. alexnguyen (16 Aug 2015, 4:47)

    Still Stuck on episode 8 in the cell… Does Anyone get pass to it yet ??

  266. LilLeet (16 Aug 2015, 6:08)

    Theres a glitch in Episode 8. Where your stuck in the cell and NPC walks through the door and just kills you.

  267. donzz (16 Aug 2015, 6:18)

    doesnt work by editing the save game also……and when used the save game..it just freezed….

  268. johnyx (16 Aug 2015, 6:44)

    how to fix episode 8 bug

  269. Mikett (16 Aug 2015, 7:23)

    Guys I think the bug in ep8 is symbolic (you know getting thrown into jail because we pirated the game etc) and the devs created that bug in purpose. So I say fuck EA they would be right if we would pirate the MP but we can’t and anyway the MP is shit and nothing like the campaign. BTW sorry for my English.

  270. Marc (16 Aug 2015, 7:56)

    Thanks a lot

  271. Dav3 (16 Aug 2015, 8:20)

    anyone has sound issue? Some sounds are missing in the game.

  272. Juvenil (16 Aug 2015, 8:47)

    you can play online ?

  273. BFH123 (16 Aug 2015, 9:33)

    pikanto your save game is bad man. by ep8 I was level 15 already and why cadet.
    you skipped the warrants guys and the evidences. really? come on! just lost my save. some one bring a good save…

  274. youtchiha (16 Aug 2015, 10:00)

    48 GB ….WOW
    .. are you wait low edition less size or NO …

  275. espeon (16 Aug 2015, 10:04)

    The devs made mission 8 not work for cracked players. They added a guard in front of the room you’re locked in and the door won’t open so you can’t escape. If the guard sees you (even though you’re locked up) he will walk through the door like a ghost and shoot you.

  276. the_gentlemean (16 Aug 2015, 10:45)

    Pikanto u r awesome.

  277. stronk (16 Aug 2015, 11:34)

    Someone upload full 100% save game pls there is none on the internet

  278. Mateus (16 Aug 2015, 13:04)

    Bug in Episode 8 Game

  279. abhrajit (16 Aug 2015, 13:33)

    please give a video tutorial for installing the multiple rar file

  280. Hrishikesh (16 Aug 2015, 13:41)

    C:\Users\user\Downloads\Compressed\Battlefield.Hardline-CPY.part08.rar: Checksum error in Battlefield.Hardline-CPY\cpy-bfh.iso. The file is corrupt

    Please tell me what to do! tried thrice. Everytime error in 8th part.

  281. Stefan (16 Aug 2015, 14:03)

    I can confirm that Episode 8 Sovereign Land is not working as when you are thrown in the prison a guard get in and begin to shot you …you can move out of the way by standing close to your cell mate but nothing will happen….all you can do is move back to the card and get killed ….restarded alot of time but it will be the same each time…..So this game need a Crack Fix a proper crack.
    It was quite a fun game until this happened.

  282. dlguy (16 Aug 2015, 14:16)
  283. SD (16 Aug 2015, 14:17)


  284. lazyguy (16 Aug 2015, 14:42)

    Use savegame files that users above have kindly supplied – managed to get through episode 8 prison cell bug without any issues!

  285. stefan (16 Aug 2015, 14:53)

    Thank you @dlguy for the save game …..Just a tip though to others ….copy Everything exept the profile one and you should be playing again :) ….Save .xml file is on C: document/BFH/Settings
    ThanX again @dlguy.

  286. lag420 (16 Aug 2015, 14:59)

    Runs perfect! no crash,everything is ok! thanks again for your awesome work.


  287. erdelf (16 Aug 2015, 15:26)

    episode 8, and yeah, the guard is coming to kill you glitching through the door.. if you are fast you can get his weapon, but… well you are still stuck in the cell

  288. ochin (16 Aug 2015, 15:58)

    Bug episode 8. How to win episode 8

  289. asdaf (16 Aug 2015, 16:33)

    Sorry guyz, but this crack is NUKED, there is a bug in Ep 8. waiting for the crackfix….

  290. Stefan (16 Aug 2015, 17:07)

    Thanx to dlguy I’ve now finished the game :) ,the game was OK but a bit to short……I do like that when you stop in the middle of the game and exit it plays a movie on what is coming next….plus when you start the game again it will play a movie of what have happening the last time you played….That Idea is cool but not such good idea on such short game of 10 Episodes…..It would need to be atleast 50 Episodes then in my opinion as one can play through this game in like a few hours if playing non stop…..Plus one minus is that I like the War Games Genre More…..in this series…..I will not tell anything of the game story as that would spoil it for others……Well I would never buy a game of the price it would cost to buy this original game as it is not worth that much…I would pay like 50 Swedish Crownes for it only or for most games actually and as long as games keep being to to expensive I will keep playing alternatives…and wait some years until price down to get it…….Anyhow to you guys not yet finished the game….Enjoy it…I did but it was to short though in my opinion. And again thank you for the game and the help to get it to run :)

  291. jarry (16 Aug 2015, 17:37)

    The game not works for me! clicks on start and nothing happens, win 10 64bits.

  292. rh21 (16 Aug 2015, 17:52)

    wow cpy just wow tnx for the nice crack cpy and skidrowreloaded

  293. Kudos (16 Aug 2015, 18:27)

    Thank’s, great job ! 100% working Deluxe version as promised Deluxe+UP2.0+Crack Only
    You are amazing!

  294. Steven (16 Aug 2015, 18:59)

    The solution to the passage of the 8th mission:

    We found a nontrivial solution of this glitch.
    On the steps:

    1. go to the farm and look katstsenku.
    2. Up to the end of the cutscene (until they have not withdrawn) go to options and unscrew the schedule for ultra high, set the field \”zoom\” and \”image field\” to maximum, turn vsync.
    3. Start log and wait until we throw into the camera. watch a cutscene where boomer opens the lock. I need to walk out the door.
    4. pass autosave and then can be played in the usual manner. simply resetting.

    Conservation after it (who need):

    Unzip into C: / Users /% username% / Documents / BFH

  295. Jo (16 Aug 2015, 19:30)

    Steven I’m not a stupid guy.
    But I don’t understand what do you say.

  296. Thomas (16 Aug 2015, 19:52)

    Yeah Steven , please write the steps correctly, as I really didn’t understand what you are saying.
    Anyone got past the 8th. Episode? Any chance?

  297. Renato (16 Aug 2015, 20:01)

    @Steve Can make a video tutorial for everyone on the site?

  298. rayh271 (16 Aug 2015, 20:28)

    game install fails…..this is what it say…..installation failed: failed to run touchup utility:process failed to start: the requested operation requires elevation…

    this driving me mad…..any ideas how to fix this

  299. Stranger (16 Aug 2015, 20:50)

    Steve sorry but i dont understand your steps.
    Can you post again.
    Anyone please give solution for 8th episode.

  300. BUG (16 Aug 2015, 22:02)

    epsiode 8 bug door dont open

  301. Me (16 Aug 2015, 23:07)

    does it run in windows 10?
    seems not…

  302. Babak (16 Aug 2015, 23:26)

    thanx @steven
    guys just extract file steven linked in documents\BFH
    then open game and in episodes select episode 8 and resume it.

  303. BFHlover (17 Aug 2015, 0:19)

    ANy better saves for Ep 8 Jail bug? Pianko’s was terrible.

  304. tbid (17 Aug 2015, 1:50)

    omg too big game for only 10 episode i cant belive there is jast 10episode to fast finish game only 1day play

  305. Soulcut (17 Aug 2015, 2:20)

    mission 9 completely bugged not possible to go on

  306. dirtyplayer59 (17 Aug 2015, 3:01)

    Thank u Babak i finly got it to work thanks to you and steven good fix my man your a smart dude thanks again guys CPY SKINDROW ALL THANKS.

  307. Rishav (17 Aug 2015, 5:49)

    Can You Be more Clear please..
    Can any 1 explain what Steven is trying to convay in hie steps. thank you.

  308. BrucEuAreWayne (17 Aug 2015, 6:02)


    Finally it has been cracked ! I got to search my hdd if it still archived somewhere. My hope was running out that it can be done. Thank you very much !!

  309. Rishav (17 Aug 2015, 6:04)

    This is what steven is simply trying to say..
    1.After thrown inside the cell boomer dosnt open the door and the guards pass the wall like Ghosts and shoot you..
    2.All u have to do is copy and paste the save game provided to Documents/BFH and select chapter 8 and resume playing it..
    thank you?

  310. xd94402002 (17 Aug 2015, 8:43)

    in a easy way to deal with the stuck in ep8 . when the bad guy start to point the gun to you in cutscene. open setting and change all the option to the highest in video setting(include resolution scale to 200%). even though your computer cannot hold it. and then there is no bug anymore. if it is lag, be patient wait until you walk out of the jell.

    for those who are already in the highest setting, change the option to low or medium value and try what i just say above.

    this work on my laptop with graphic card GT640M LE(of course i can only play with low setting)

    this solution is provide for someone’s reply above but i cannot find it now. and i hope i make it more easy to understand

    wish it could help you (and sorry for bad english)


  311. pedramdx (17 Aug 2015, 8:49)

    u r fucking aweeeeeeeeeeeeeeesomeeeeee

  312. donzz (17 Aug 2015, 9:47)

    guys..i figured out the fix n ep 8…here… when nick and boomer were standing in a cutscene talking to dune ‘s dad,just open a console by pressing ~ and then type… GameTime.MaxVariableFps 3,the cutescene will be laggy but it will passed,boomer will open the door,when its done.. again type in the console.. GameTime.MaxVariableFps 200,and you are good to go…..happy gaming guys…

  313. Adallgrim (17 Aug 2015, 11:07)

    This option only works on strong PC. I have 2500k gtx970.
    You need Cheat Engine programe (search in google)
    1.run game
    2.run Cheat Engine
    3.when the start cut scene, go to cheat engine and set enable speedhack (im set speed on 0.2) and press apply
    4.Torn off cheat engine when you are get out off bunker
    Here is my saves (100% evidence) http://rghost.ru/7gjYDTh4t

  314. Ivan (17 Aug 2015, 12:56)

    I have a problem with the instalation.

    In the instalation i have a error “DSETUP32.dll” and the instalation stop.
    After that i try to enter in the game but nothing happens.

    Somebody with the same problem and know how to fix?

    Thank you :)

  315. JoyRide (17 Aug 2015, 13:12)

    Please, how uninstal this game?

  316. Steven (17 Aug 2015, 13:26)


    “fullscreen” gives the bug everytime, borderless fullscreen “fixes” the bug for me.

  317. Jason Matsoukas (17 Aug 2015, 14:27)

    Waiting also for a fix for bug in episode 8 (prison cell etc).

    I downloaded the almost 50Gb version and then Update 2.

  318. Sepiho (17 Aug 2015, 16:51)

    Thank you donzz. It works like a charm.

  319. Pitou88FR (17 Aug 2015, 17:38)

    Anyone has got a 100% Save please 😮 ?
    Thanks you.

  320. daniboixxx (17 Aug 2015, 18:41)

    waiting for proper fix for episode 8 anyone tried steven suggestion to play the game in borderless to pass this?
    i dont want to mess with the ingame console for that

  321. Mark1 (17 Aug 2015, 19:07)

    all in chinese after installing update and crack. how do i change it??

  322. dirtyplayer59 (17 Aug 2015, 19:20)

    Well it looks like there a bunch of diffrent ways u can fix this but stevens fix is the easy and simply one the link is right here just copy and past it to your documents BFH in your pc simple.

  323. Shinji2501 (17 Aug 2015, 19:34)

    hive the same problem, this sucks… but it’s a all arround problem in EP 8 on all Platforms.
    Please fix it soon ^^

  324. JohnB (17 Aug 2015, 21:08)

    in game press “~” key.
    Type= “gametime.maxvariablefps 3”
    Wait for the cutscene to complete-it will be laggy but it will work.
    Once the cutscene completes and you’re out of prison type: “gametime.maxvariablefps 200”
    Continue playing as normal.

  325. JohnB (17 Aug 2015, 21:12)

    Episode 8 bug solution:-

    once the first cut-scene(when they are captured) is done press “~” key.
    Type= “gametime.maxvariablefps 3”
    Wait for the cutscene to complete-it will be laggy but it will work.
    Once the cutscene completes and you’re out of prison type: “gametime.maxvariablefps 200”
    Continue playing as normal

  326. aka (17 Aug 2015, 22:38)

    hello.exuse.my version battle is full unlock.run to…but level 9 level prison my cumputer go to hang or error.please answer send to email.please help.tank you very match.

  327. Ray (18 Aug 2015, 3:22)

    Thanks JohnB that is the only solution that worked for me u are the best

  328. Fox (18 Aug 2015, 7:07)

    I am facing the origin error using window 10 i use the update 2.0 ver and crack only but when start the game origin not installed message is appear aft installed the origin need a A/C
    any solution


  329. rispa (18 Aug 2015, 12:55)

    At the beginning of the episode 5, the cops spot me and i do nothing, it s impossible to escape wherever we go, wherever we want to hide.
    It s the crack i think
    we are blocked, it impossible to continue the game.
    Please do something.
    If someone had the same problem, don’t hesitate to publich a com!


  330. Daniuz (18 Aug 2015, 13:22)

    Game does not Launch when i click it. I got deluxe edition and i uploaded to 2.0 and cracked it but game doesn’t start. why?

  331. Dany (18 Aug 2015, 15:49)

    Seed Please This game worth all time but i need to download fast gege

  332. xxxxxxx (18 Aug 2015, 18:19)

    Anyone having the bug in Ep. 8:
    1. Open up the console by pressing the “~” key.
    2. Type: “gametime.maxvariablefps 3″
    3. Wait for the cutscene to complete-it will be laggy but it will work.
    4. Once the cutscene completes and you’re out of prison type: “gametime.maxvariablefps 200″
    5. Continue playing as normal.

  333. blue (18 Aug 2015, 19:08)

    JohnB method works !!!!!!!!
    Now i can end this game without using any save 😀
    Ty bro and Ty CPY for game !!!

  334. aaaaaa (19 Aug 2015, 7:42)



  335. disappointed (19 Aug 2015, 12:41)

    wth? major bug during ep. 8… can’t progress…help!!

  336. Rhys (19 Aug 2015, 14:45)

    For all people that aren’t getting the game to load find the shortcut for it -> right click -> properties -> then on shortcut tab click ‘Advanced’ (Bottom right) -> then tick the check box ‘Run As Administrator’ .

    Now try again and it will load for you 😉

    (You can also just right click -> run as administrator – But this way you just have to click on the shortcut after you’ve done it)

    This is the same for all CPY/Denuvo cracked games i.e Batman: AK, LotF & BF hardline.

  337. Rhys (19 Aug 2015, 14:50)

    Also BTW the Version 2 Update IS ALREADY INCLUDED IN ORIGINAL CPY RELEASE (Same Version numbers and everything).

    If you have done it already just make sure to change the language in the CPY.ini file as it is in CHINESE by default. (Instructions are included in the ini file to change) – This shouldn’t affect the game though, it’s basically the same files except for that minor change – Or you could just the crack from the CPY iso instead of changing it 😉

  338. rinzlervk (19 Aug 2015, 15:01)

    Thanks 4 the solution to cap 8:
    gametime.maxvariable 3/200. Thanks

  339. Cinek (19 Aug 2015, 17:43)

    i have bug on chapter 8 dor on prosont cannot open ghosust guard flight from wall and shot cannot do nothing… dont know how to fix that plx help

  340. maks (19 Aug 2015, 18:44)

    hola.el juego me va muy bien pero cuando e llegado al capitulo 9 se queda ay. en teoria deveria seguir la historia pero puedo moverme y el que deveria ablar se queda mirando contra la pared. alguna solucion?porfabor y muchas gracias

  341. maks (19 Aug 2015, 18:47)

    hola. el juego me va bien pero en el capitulo 9 deja de seguir la historia y puedo mover al personaje en vez de esperar a que mi compañero de la zelda saque la ganzua

  342. Debela Kurcina Production (19 Aug 2015, 21:45)

    Jebem vam mater seljacku treba ce mi oko godinu-dve da skinem ovaj kurac.Postovani molimo vas seed jebeni torrent jer sbb ima jako dobar net koji treba da ide 5,0 mbs ali zapravo on ide 0,5 kbs.


  343. Mark1 (19 Aug 2015, 21:53)

    · 1

    ruibrochado לפני יום
    Forget the profile saves, you can keep using your own profile saves. It seems that only by reducing immensely the framerate Boomer opens the door of the jail. You can either do this by upping the resolution and setting everything to ultra (booooring), or by doing it via a simple console command.

    When you hit the dirt road, right before the cutscene with Alpert, pull down the console (\), and type “gametime.maxvariablefps 3” without the “”. Try to do this as close as possible to the start point of the cutscene, since the game becomes incredibly slow and

  344. jay (20 Aug 2015, 3:27)

    i cant get the game to work….downloaded the game above installed ISO and copied crack game crashes on startup… using windows 10 tried crack only still crashed ..tried updating and using both cracks still crashes

  345. Pitou88FR (20 Aug 2015, 11:49)
  346. asd (20 Aug 2015, 14:24)

    alguin q sepa decirme como ponerlo en español???? porq modificando el ini.cpy me da error solo en ingles me deja!

  347. zack (20 Aug 2015, 14:29)

    hei..xxxxxxx thanks a lot 4 ur tip it solve to myproblem episodes 8 bug..have nice day…

  348. aston lamb (20 Aug 2015, 14:50)

    fuck u denovo……cpy is one of the best cracker in world now

  349. aston lamb (20 Aug 2015, 14:51)

    hats off cpy

  350. carlo (20 Aug 2015, 14:55)

    how to play in multiplayer with the cracked game ?

  351. maks (20 Aug 2015, 19:52)

    MUCHISIMAS gracias a pitou 88 y a mark 1 por darme buenas soluciones. gracias cuidaros mucho

  352. tharaka (21 Aug 2015, 1:20)

    plzzzz help anyone to me…
    there is a another update folder in v2.update folder…there is a patch folder > Data folder > do i need to copy and replace it with DATA folder in game file…

  353. Pitou88FR (21 Aug 2015, 9:22)

    No problem :)

  354. PsyZhsq (21 Aug 2015, 12:44)

    Thank you guys for the ep 8 solution !!!!! ( gametime.maxvaliablefps 3/200 ) TY!!

  355. aPHyZHiEY (21 Aug 2015, 18:29)

    For those who cant play this game (deluxe edition) after update 2.0 and apply crack,, plz change the language 1st to english at CPY.ini file..

  356. Alex (22 Aug 2015, 7:54)

    EP8 FIX:

    1. Open up the console by pressing the “~” key.
    2. Type: “gametime.maxvariablefps 3”
    3. Wait for the cutscene to complete – it will be laggy but it will work.
    4. Once the cutscene completes and you’re out of prison type: “gametime.maxvariablefps 200”
    5. Continue playing as normal.

  357. Matteo (22 Aug 2015, 10:13)

    There’s a bug with mission 8, any suggestions ?

  358. Nairon David (22 Aug 2015, 16:38)

    What the password to the RAR on MEGA, Multix? I downloaded on links: http://mega.nz/#F!o5YHBDJC!eaIs-7pNTZHlkTXuaUWKlA

    Please, tell me what the passwords, I downloaded 48gb on MEGA and i can’t extract with the password, please, anyone knows?

  359. Nairon David (22 Aug 2015, 16:40)

    Please, anybody knows the password of the rar file that I donwloaded on MEGA? Multix, what the password? Please.

  360. Dipankar (22 Aug 2015, 17:00)

    I have a loading problem after executing the bfh.exe file (a blue rotating item is seen only)….and i have waited about 1 hour about, still not proceeding……………….please help me fix this issue

  361. Rafa (22 Aug 2015, 17:25)

    Yes, I got the same

  362. Eve (22 Aug 2015, 17:35)

    it´s Works perfect ! Thanks Great Game!

  363. illyrianEkko (22 Aug 2015, 17:56)

    I want to heartfully thank Skidrow 3DM CPY Reloaded for their amazing work all these years!!! You’ve realized our gaming dreams with your skills and you deserve our respect! Hats off to you sirs!

  364. eslam (22 Aug 2015, 18:55)

    wooah wooah this the sound of da police

  365. Kenji (23 Aug 2015, 3:41)

    Stuck at Episode 8? Here’s what to do:

    When the cut scene with the girls dad starts open your console with the (~) key and write “GameTime.MaxVariableFps 3” without quotes. It will lag a bit but should play the cut scene where the door is opened and once its opened go back to the console with the (~) key and write “GameTime.MaxVariableFps 200” to get the game back to normal and your good to go.

  366. apurva (23 Aug 2015, 5:55)

    stuck at ep 5 ,cops detect me even when i am hidden , how to solve this problem

  367. G_maxi (23 Aug 2015, 9:58)

    cpy titanfall please

  368. kyu (23 Aug 2015, 11:44)

    hello… how to change Language menu ?? and the gamepad ?? work.. but the display show the keybord command !!!! why ??

  369. Top Gun (23 Aug 2015, 14:15)

    I applied the patch 2.0 and crack but why is it still showing version 1.07?

  370. aka (24 Aug 2015, 13:03)

    i download it but when i try to install it it ask for CD key

    and i can not find it any where in the web
    please any body can help me with this ??

  371. shayan (24 Aug 2015, 13:59)

    my system is
    graphics:Intel HD 3000
    windows:i have 7and10
    this game erore in my system and i download crack and update please help me

  372. agan agan (24 Aug 2015, 14:35)

    stuck on prologue,,,someone please help…

  373. Sbramone (24 Aug 2015, 21:52)

    Stuck on prologue…after car race…BLACK SCREEN…please HELP ME!!!

  374. Chino (25 Aug 2015, 2:03)

    ep 5 bug…. can´t hide from police

  375. CHRIS (25 Aug 2015, 14:56)


  376. Kris (25 Aug 2015, 19:34)


    I allready download and crack the game, but After i start click the bfh.exe, the origin automatic open, but unavailable, origin can’t online.
    I have trying to solve with any solution in every forum, but didn’t work on me.
    Please give me a solution how to fix that origin, i just want to play offline.
    Please help!


  377. momo (25 Aug 2015, 21:11)

    does anyone get nothing happen after click bfh.exe or not launch the game .. amd user

  378. d3rtLi (25 Aug 2015, 23:03)

    @Kris, @momo, download Update v2.0 and Crack Only-CPY. Copy all files from Update folder, paste to main folder of the game. And apply the crack, run game. Advice: Before running game disable/close VGA card OC apps. (exmp. Evga PrecisionX, MSI Afterburner bla bla) You can reactivate this apps after running game. I hope it works.

  379. O.o (26 Aug 2015, 1:28)


    Win 10 x64
    No origin installed

  380. Borga (26 Aug 2015, 11:43)

    When i try to launch the game it crashed on windows 7 64 bit and my pc is quite good i have core i7 16gb ddr3 ram and 1tb hard drive and gtx 970 mini itv gigabyte anyone can help me please?

  381. Alchemy (26 Aug 2015, 13:22)


    Thank you donzz. Worked for me!

  382. Piraton (26 Aug 2015, 17:14)

    When stuck try vsync off

  383. Bankaboo (27 Aug 2015, 12:07)

    Thanks, great work!
    Game works nicely, even on an ‘old’ rack with i7/16gbDDR3/gtx780/ssd+raid0/win7px64..
    Had som problems with unpacking dough (checksum failure file 07 and 10).., but when I used the (next)latest ver of winrar, unpacking did just fine :)

  384. Virus (27 Aug 2015, 14:49)

    For ppl who wants to change the language to English

    1. Open CPY.ini by double click on it.
    2. change the ” Language=zh_TW ” to ” Language=en_US ”
    3. Open the game :)
    4. Change the audio language to English in the Game settings :)

    if anyone can help me :

    i installed the iso file
    then downlaoded the update v2.0 and the crack.
    1st i copy and paste the update v2.0 ot the game folder.
    then i did the same to the crack.
    when i open the game, its still showing v.1.07

    any idea how to fix this?

  385. esycom (28 Aug 2015, 2:23)

    Game Can’t not run On Windows 8.1 and Windows 10

    Yes Or No

    BFH Fix Run Windows 8 Only


    Answer To Me

  386. GentlemanLoser (28 Aug 2015, 11:06)

    I’m just getting a black screen with a blue spinner when i try to run this game. Using win10. Anyone any idea’s?

  387. nico (28 Aug 2015, 11:37)

    i am stuck in episode 8 in the cell.no dialog,no nothing,the guard pass through the cloesd dorr and kill me.i try all what is necesary to pass but i cant,pls help me….thx

  388. Maruben (28 Aug 2015, 21:11)

    One more time fantastic job

    But after a few hous of pleasure, I am stuck on the episode when Mendonza is arrested along with marcos…

    any one kow if is this a bug?

  389. Mr.uzumaki (29 Aug 2015, 3:02)

    Was excited but I’m not able to download this within a realistic amount of time lol tried to download a “part”, time says 17 hours, torrent says 5 days… at like 7 kbps with 50 seeds.. Doesn’t look like ill play unless theres a better download haha I also have good internet speed, downloads are usually no problem.

  390. Virus (29 Aug 2015, 11:48)

    To esycom

    Win 8.1 ( Yes ) u can

    Win 10 ( i don’t know )

  391. BeRk (29 Aug 2015, 21:25)

    Game is awesome, if you stuck cuz of glitch at arrested episode search at google you will write a code to console to make fps limit ‘3’ so glitch will be gone

  392. marcelo (29 Aug 2015, 23:05)

    Gracias por el aporte, descargo y pruebo.

  393. Wito (30 Aug 2015, 8:33)

    When you have problem with episode 8:

    1. When is cutscene, open consle (key: ~).

    2. Type “gametime.maxvariablefps 3” and press ‘Enter’.

    3. Wait for the cutscene to complete (it will be laggy) and you’re out of prison.

    4. Type “gametime.maxvariablefps 200″ and press ‘Enter’.

    It”s work.

  394. Hope (30 Aug 2015, 12:54)

    am i the only one who has ssl connection problem when i click on the link? this is not the only torrent i have that error. it says something about certificate which i dont have

  395. StiLox (30 Aug 2015, 15:13)


    EP 8 WORK FINE WITH CRACK FIX <3 <3 Thanks

  396. stoort4games (30 Aug 2015, 16:03)

    Yay great advice xd94402002. It really worked.

    Scene 8 stuck in the cell with no way out.

    Follow his advice :-

    Those with lower GFX settings turn them all up so you get a very low FPS rate (Mine was 8)
    during the scene in the compound when you are held at gunpoint.
    And voila :)

    Not tried the reverse and turned the setting to a low quality.


  397. Eve (30 Aug 2015, 16:50)

    The Problem with the Episode 8 it´s solved, it works. Thanks!!

  398. U.reallydid.IT (31 Aug 2015, 20:16)

    the guys that say there actually crying when these guys release cracks are going full retard, never go full retard guys . P.S. youre a faggot 2

  399. vipul (17 Sep 2015, 18:08)

    nothing happens when I click bfh.exe
    >applied update V2
    >applied ‘crack only’ from above description
    Need help

  400. Tal (19 Sep 2015, 0:01)

    Hello The Torrent Link is Dead, File not Found, please reupload it.
    thanks alot.

  401. crashsugar (19 Sep 2015, 21:50)

    is it possible to play online ?


  402. Mehdih (24 Sep 2015, 9:01)

    Tüm Mümin ve Müslümanlar Bayramınız Mübarek Olsun … 2022

  403. Faiz (24 Sep 2015, 13:59)

    I am really sorry because my english words was so bad. I just want to help you who stuck in start screen using win10 64bit. I cant explain well but i will make some tutor for you. Open battlefield.exe maybe take some minutes> and then wait the game until startscreen open and ask you to press enter key> press windows until the game minimized> move your cursor to battlefield in the startbar . Dont click it just move your cursor over there> and then battlefield game preview showed up. Then click right button on the preview and quickly press enter. And on my pc its work . I am sorry if you cant understand my explain. I hope you guys who stuck in the same problem can understand my point. Thank you

  404. Chris (25 Sep 2015, 0:50)

    so..after using v2.0 update still need crackfix??

  405. gh (27 Sep 2015, 17:05)

    why is there an ape with glasses aming a gun, on the cover?

  406. E (28 Sep 2015, 20:13)

    The crackfix shows up as a trojan on windows defender, any idea why? Is it actually a trojan? I’ve downloaded stuff from CPY before and never had this happen.

  407. Raczo_gamer475 (29 Sep 2015, 13:41)


    1. En la cinemática donde los van a encerrar apretan “~” .
    2. Tienen que escribir esto tal cual “gametime.maxvariablefps 3″
    3. Esperan a que pase toooda la cinematica del negro con la llave (esta vez no se corta).
    4. Y cuando salga de la celda y reanuda el juego escriben “gametime.maxvariablefps 200″

    Hardline SOLUTION TO BUG Episode 8
    WITHOUT saveGame

    1. kinematics where they will enclose tightened “~”.
    2. They have to write this as is “gametime.maxvariablefps 3”
    3. Expect to pass toooda black kinematics with the key (this time is not cut).
    4. And when you leave the cell and resume play written “gametime.maxvariablefps 200”

    Saludos skidrow! por favor nunca desistas de seguir subiendo juegos gratuitos y accesibles a los usuarios! viva el internet libre!

    Skidrow Greetings! Please never give up and keep upload free games accessible to users! Free live the internet

  408. Victor Gabriel (02 Oct 2015, 14:21)

    The game not open, not load!
    Please, i need help

  409. Yoza (04 Oct 2015, 13:03)

    game installed and can be played, but when it come to firing scene, i can fire my weapon at all, anybody, can you help me

  410. bboy (08 Oct 2015, 6:06)

    the game is stuck in episode 8. I cant pass by the level. Once boomer and and nik were put into boomers gf’s dad. It stucks there. I can only move around the room but can get out. is there like any fix for it?

  411. Kiko (08 Oct 2015, 7:41)

    But there is a problem in episode 8.. miisiing there a very important part.. when Dune’s father thowes Nick and Boomer the that cell it’s stopped there, Boomer standing still and the guarg is not moving and I have nothing to do.. when I noising a little bit the gurd is killing me and HE WALKES THOUGH THE DOOR!?!?!??!?!?!
    Somthing is wrong there.. how can I fix it without losing my save game?

  412. Rothchild (15 Oct 2015, 5:14)

    Wich one of the cracks it’s the one i should download ? all of them say “new” and then, there CPY… and otherone like CPY FIX, wich one of them it’s the latest one??

  413. melek (17 Oct 2015, 12:04)

    he doesn’t work .he say INI was missing or inaccesible .plz can help me

  414. saikishore (17 Oct 2015, 12:56)

    thanks skidrow always rocks!!!!!!!!

  415. Rick Walker (26 Oct 2015, 15:38)

    Hey, I just downloaded all three of the things above through torrent (The 40+GB game, the crackfix, and the crack with V2.0). Now that I have all these things, how do I actually play the game? Everytime I try to set it up, it just ends up opening some thing saying I need to reinstall Origin, and when I did download Origin it just takes me to the Origin login screen. Am I suppose to make my account on origin? Can someone please give me a guide on what to do after downloading all these things.

  416. douglas (30 Oct 2015, 11:37)

    Cam i play online??

  417. ola (01 Nov 2015, 13:58)

    Seed please! its so slow

  418. somebudy (06 Nov 2015, 18:33)

    i want to know how to play online

  419. Rick Walker (12 Nov 2015, 18:09)

    Hey, I just downloaded all three of the things above through torrent (the 40+ GB game, the crackfix, and the crack with V2.0). Now that I have all these things, howdo I actually play the game? Everytime I try to set it up, it just ends up opening some thing saying I need to reinstall Origin, and when I did download Origin it just takes me to the Origin log in screen. Am I suppose to make an account for origin?

    Can someone PLEASE give me a guide on what to do after downloading everything above.

  420. Chris (27 Nov 2015, 19:37)

    Game is working. But in Episode 5 it seems to have a bug. No chance to stay undetected by cops. Any idea?

  421. igor (29 Nov 2015, 11:02)

    please seed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  422. yorgos (30 Nov 2015, 7:50)

    Guys i can not use my ps4 controller to play the game on the pc ,any ideas?

  423. Battlefeld (30 Nov 2015, 17:21)

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa finaly fucking finaly i wacht vanoss oooooooooooooooooooooo vinali /o\ XD XD XD XD XD XD

  424. Battlefeld (30 Nov 2015, 17:22)

    aaaaaaaaaaa finaly fucking finaly i wacht vanoss THANKS

  425. elvis (05 Dec 2015, 18:15)

    Hi, really thanks for the job you do and sorry for my english i m french ^^
    I just want to know if i download the game now did i need to download the crackfix and folow the instruction or not ?
    Thanks for all

  426. fadli (06 Dec 2015, 10:19)

    in crack fix in episode 8 bug is fixed or not

  427. thaplayah (09 Dec 2015, 18:52)

    seed please…

  428. commander (18 Dec 2015, 0:56)

    its dont work itiis shot down this game dont start shit game :-(

  429. Ahmed (21 Dec 2015, 19:13)

    the 4th file is corrupted can any one in the site upload the file

  430. sarbajit (26 Dec 2015, 8:03)

    awesome guys…i hv been waitng for long time to play this game and finally i m able to that..thanks a lot…..

  431. utkarsh (27 Dec 2015, 8:59)

    guys…please provide with a one time download link…
    downloading files 1/10 th at a time is no problem but mostly halfway down the road some of the links go dead and everything goes down with that…
    Sorry…I do appreciate all the hard work that you guys put into it but if that link could be provided then it ll be a great help…
    Thank you

  432. Nbic (17 Jan 2016, 16:14)

    Hi, when I try to launch the game i get this error” BH failed to start. please repair and try instal again”

    How can I solve this? thx

  433. Gustav (17 Jan 2016, 20:33)

    When i uninstalled this game it wiped my harddrive clean.

  434. Renmaru (31 Jan 2016, 0:39)

    Thank You skidrow-reloaded 😀

  435. yomi (09 Feb 2016, 9:47)

    seed pls…so slow

  436. hero (16 Feb 2016, 5:53)

    after scene…ask me to press enter…
    when i press enter….
    nothing happen…
    the enter button not working…
    how to fix this plzzz

  437. Magnar (29 Feb 2016, 22:51)

    Can you reupload part 4 and 6 pls?? Cant download them (userscloud will be fine for me) thx…

  438. Magnar (01 Mar 2016, 12:27)

    Pls reupload part 4 and 6 (if you can googledrive)

  439. Gabriel (08 Mar 2016, 14:54)

    I do not recommend, there’s a bug/glitch in episode 8 and you can’t progress from there. Try another source

  440. dante (11 Mar 2016, 12:43)

    you can fix the glitch by following-:
    open console
    type gametime.maxvariablesfps 3 when the movie stars after the car ride with dune
    then wait till boomer open the cell gate,then change the console to gametime.maxvariablesfps 200

  441. Alejandro (14 Mar 2016, 15:29)

    the game installed correctly but then asks me to use origin, and, once downloaded, asks me product key.
    Any suggestion?

  442. No Sese (20 Mar 2016, 10:57)

    The game doesn’t launch at all
    if i click the launcher nothing will happen

  443. No Sese (20 Mar 2016, 12:25)

    The game doesn’t launch at all

  444. Maya-X (13 Apr 2016, 16:13)

    Noooo Google Drive ??

    Please someone add Gdrive or Good Docs links 😀

  445. Peter (15 Apr 2016, 13:38)

    It is possible to play online ???

  446. Kaique.Moraes (24 Apr 2016, 15:20)

    Sabe o que seria bom? A galera deixar os links semeando….isso seria lindo…

  447. 1212 (25 Apr 2016, 4:25)


  448. miltoid19 (05 May 2016, 22:35)

    Can someone comment id it does work online.

  449. nooblolking (17 May 2016, 18:37)

    guys it says origin is not installed? any idea how to fix it? damnn :(

  450. msigh (28 Jun 2016, 2:12)

    what is mean cpy

  451. loneliness.Kingdom (05 Jul 2016, 19:42)

    Guys .. Torrent Too Slow :(
    And I Must Download Update And Crack After Finishing Download The Full Game ?!
    Or It With The Game ?!

  452. kris (07 Jul 2016, 8:18)

    too start off thanks but i must ask i sene 100 of post asking for SP OR MP but no one reply

  453. Accel (25 Jul 2016, 15:21)

    Episode 5 is bugged…

    Cops can still detect you even though you’re HIDING COMPLETELY BEHIND THE BUILDING

  454. maulik (02 Aug 2016, 8:00)

    is dis for only vista or I can run in windows 10?

  455. buceta da tua mãe (16 Aug 2016, 0:07)

    Kaike.Morais acho que era melhor arranjares uma internet melhorzinha em vez de estares a dizer que não há seeds!!

  456. OSHell32 (06 Dec 2016, 20:30)

    hey guys, these game already fix the bugs for episode 5 & 8 ???
    if there someone know, please tell me.
    or gimme the link for save after episode 8, please?

    thanks. from Indonesia

  457. heitor (17 Feb 2017, 10:14)

    mine is in japanese :(
    how i chang it??

  458. dadada (09 Mar 2017, 23:31)


  459. DeadlyShadow71 (18 Jun 2017, 3:43)

    I’m sorry to ask this before actually downloading this but, can you play online with this crack and if yes how does it work(LAN or either user-hosted or actual origin servers)
    Thanks in advance,

    P.S.: Skidrow, you’re doing a great job!

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